Furnaces and air conditioners go through more wear-and-tear than we think. They seem to become background noise throughout our daily and nightly routine until the day comes that something goes wrong.

T&G Heating and Air is ready to be there when that day comes. Our safe, friendly, and efficient employees are both co-workers to us and members of the same community that you live in. Our repair technicians are certified and trained to provide the best service for you and are excellent at communicating your options in the comfort of your own home.

When something happens to your unit, our goal is to return your home or business to it’s most comfortable state as quickly as possible.

Our maintenance includes but are not limited to: Cleaning cabinets, testing electrical connections, inspecting all functioning parts, adjusting burners and blowers for optimal efficiency, checking the heat exchanger, inducer motor and venting for leaks that could spill harmful carbon monoxide into your home, changing filters if needed, testing the thermostat, checking pressures and temperatures, testing the compressor and capacitors, checking for refrigeration leaks and more.